In partnership with the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE), Re:Work presents “Changing Lives, Changing L.A.,” a play created from transcripts from the UNITE HERE Local 11 Oral History Project and originally performed before a live audience at Loyola Marymount University and UCLA.

Portrayed by professional actors, four members of UNITE HERE Local 11 share their stories of becoming leaders in their union, and fighting for a better life while helping transform Los Angeles.

Special thanks to Emma Worthington, Regla Soto, Soledad Garcia, and Ignacio Ruiz for sharing their stories.

“Changing Lives, Changing L.A.” was conceived by veteran organizer Vivian Rothstein and crafted by playwrights Doris Baizley and Rose Portillo. It was directed by Rose Portillo and Doris Baizley, and produced by Vivian Rothstein.

The oral histories of the women and men of UNITE HERE Local 11 were voiced by actors Joyce Guy, Marco Rodriguez, Rose Portillo, and Sarita Ocón. Access the UNITE HERE Local 11 oral history interviews here.

Watch a video recording of the play here. The video recording was edited by Robert Hillig.

Re:Work’s audio version was produced by Veena Hampapur and Saba Waheed with mixing by Aaron Dalton.

Thank you to the individuals and organizations who made this presentation possible including:

Tobias Higbie, Professor of History and Labor Studies, UCLA
UCLA Department of History
UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy
Research assistants: Danielle Wilson, Michael Dean, Liliana Katz
CASE – Central Arizonans for a Sustainable Economy
John Wilhelm
Interviewers: Danielle Wilson, Antonio Mendoza, Gaspar Rivera Salgado, Vivian Rothstein
Marco Amador