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Episode 28: Stranded

Education, Immigrants, Low Wage Work, Young Workers

In 2020, India suddenly went into a national lockdown without advance planning or adequate government support, which led to a humanitarian crisis in addition to …

Episode 27: It’s Magic

Black Workers, Women

We often refer to birth as miraculous, and it can also seem mysterious. Many times there is a veiling around birth and labor, and the …

Episode 26: The Calling

Black Workers, Historical, Women

Despite a long tradition of midwifery in the Black community, which predates the founding of the United States, less than 2% of midwives today are …

Episode 25: The Graduate

Education, Immigrants, Low Wage Work

When we think about college, there’s a certain whimsical image, a time of self discovery and carefree fun before you step out into the “real” …

Episode 24: [No] Child Left Behind

Criminal Justice, Education, Immigrants

We often see children as innocents who need love, support, and stability. But not all young people are nurtured this way. Too often youth from …

Episode 23: Redemption

Criminal Justice, Immigrants

In today’s political climate, there’s a prominent narrative of “bad” immigrants who don’t deserve to be here. This isn’t new — it’s a part of …

Episode 22: It’s a Man’s Man’s World

Black Workers, Education, Women

What happens when you go to work and no one else in the room looks like you? Being the “only one” often means more scrutiny, …

Episode 21: The Gig’s Up

Gig Economy, Low Wage Work, Women

Uber. Lyft. Their arrival has transformed daily life and raised important questions about job quality, employment law, and creating an economy that works for everybody. …

Episode 20: School Days


Earlier this year, over 30,000 public school teachers went on strike in Los Angeles, for the first time in nearly 30 years. Educators reminded us …

Episode 19: Trafficked

Immigrants, Low Wage Work

Trafficking. When you hear the word, many images come to mind. It may seem like something distant, hidden, and secretive — something that happens to …

Episode 18: Solidarity

Black Workers, Historical

This episode is a tribute to the life and legacy of Henry Walton — a lifelong union and community activist. Henry had a special relationship …

Episode 17: La Moda Femenina

Historical, Immigrants, Low Wage Work, Women

Re:Work Radio is back with another episode on LA’s Garment District. This time we explore the Garment District’s rich history through three generations of strong …

Episode 16: Block by Block

Black Workers, Women

What makes someone get involved in their community? How do community members become engaged? Not just during election season, but everyday, how do communities come …

Episode 15: Dispatch

Immigrants, Low Wage Work

It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in America: taxi driving. In this special joint episode from ReWork and Making Contact, we’ll hear a radio …

Episode 14: Los Callejones

Immigrants, Low Wage Work, Women

Who are the people who make the clothes we wear every day? Tune in to take a journey through “los callejones,” Los Angeles’s garment district. …

Episode 13: Moving the World


Most of the stuff we use, from our clothes to our iPhones, were at some point made in another country and shipped to our shores. …

Episode 12: Listen Up!

Art & Music

What comes to your mind when you think of a musician? For many musicians, their work is no different from any other profession. They dedicate …

Episode 11: All on the Same Ocean

Low Wage Work

We live in a global market, and most of the clothing and electronics that we use are made halfway around the world. They’re transported across …

Episode 10: Indebted

Education, Housing

Who was your favorite teacher in high school? We all have that unforgettable teacher that sets us on our life’s trajectory. But most of the …

Episode 9: Baby’s Bodyguard


All of us are on this planet because we were born. Still, for most of us, giving birth is so mysterious. Many people don’t really …

Episode 8: Coming Home

Immigrants, Young Workers

A group of undocumented youth cross the border from the US into Mexico to cross back and turn themselves into border patrol. Why would you …

Episode 7: A Hand Up


Everyday we pass by someone who’s homeless. We may be so used to seeing homelessness that it just becomes part of the normal city landscape. …

Episode 6: Human v. Walmart

Low Wage Work

Sometimes work can take a toll on your creativity, your individuality, and what makes you human. So what is the cost of being efficient at …

Episode 5: Raw Deal

Low Wage Work

For those of sitting in a restaurant eating, we may not be aware of what it takes to make our meal possible. What’s it really …

Episode 4: Dream On

Black Workers, Immigrants, Women, Young Workers

What is the future of this country’s dream for black and brown communities? This week’s episode, Dream On, is a fascinating conversation between two fierce …

Episode 3: Get Up Stand Up

Immigrants, Low Wage Work

When you get into a taxi, you usually know where you are coming from, where you are going. But what about your taxi driver? This …

Episode 2: Newcomers


Immigration visas dictate where someone can work, how they can work, how long they can work. But what happens when you throw friendship into the …

Episode 1: Breaking Out of Roles

Historical, Low Wage Work

Sometimes you have to become someone different to fit into a new job. Or, sometimes the job is exactly the right fit– but your being …